Smoke House Barbecue!

HOT Favourite ! When Chilli approached us to pitch for their new offering, we all got fired up. I mean in the literal sense cause on the menu was Smokehouse barbecue delicacies ! Well it was time to smoke up some hot ideas and there we were. None of us here propagate smoking but here it was a good reason to talk about smoke and a the flavour it adds ! Ideas started pouring in and we decided to launch the menu with a sensational teasers.

Smoking is Delicious ! Guess what’s Smoking ! Smoking* is legal here ! The look was lept rugged and burnt with a texas touch of Burnt wood and Grungy Type.

With every brief comes a new opportunity to learn, more about the new product, service, category and the industry it belongs to. So while we have to give our creative best, we follow a process of subject immersion as a team . In this case it was all about learning the Texas style barbeque, the textures, flavours, aroma and the experience.   What followed for the main campaign was droolicious barbecue images almost as if being smoked right then and a raw, texas style humor on the copy. It turned out a sizzling hot campaign will all smoke and flavour.